Solicitors For Selling A House Near Me

Solicitors For Selling A House Near Me

How To Choose Solicitors For Selling A House Near Me

Solicitors For Selling A House Near MeMost people know how important it is to choose reliable conveyancing solicitors when buying a house. But what about when you’re looking for solicitors for selling a house near me?

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The role of solicitors in selling a property is sometimes overlooked. Yet in a transaction as large and important to your future happiness as selling your home, this kind of expertise is vital.

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If you are planning to sell a property you own in the near future, here is what the conveyancing solicitor you use will do for you – and how you should go about choosing them:

What Does A Solicitor Do When I’m Selling A House?

1) Help You Complete The Property Information Forms

The seller’s property information form is actually two different forms (labelled TA6 and TA10) in which you are required to describe the condition of the property for any potential buyers. If the property is a leasehold, there will also be a TA7 form.

In combination with the contract of sale, these forms are legally binding documents. If it later becomes apparent that you have filled them out incorrectly – even if you did so in complete innocence – the buyer may be able to refuse to purchase or even make a claim against you.

This makes it very important to fill these forms in fully and accurately. However, the forms are quite lengthy and contain a wide range of questions that need to be answered.

As the buyer, they provide vital information about the property. As the seller though, they can be a long, tedious, yet vital chore in which many of the details are not always clear.

Your solicitor will be there to provide clarity. If you have any questions about the forms, you can reach out to them for the right way to answer. When you are finished, they will package the forms together with other key documents to form the “contact pack”.

2) Draft The Contract And Create The “Contract Pack”

The “contract pack” is the name given to the collection of documents that you and your solicitor present to the buyer’s solicitor before the buyer finalises their agreement to purchase.

This collection includes:

  • The seller’s property information forms – these are the TA6, TA10, and potentially TA7 forms discussed above.
  • The draft sale contract – this draft version of the final contract will include all of your details, those of the buyer, the price you have agreed on for the property, and the conditions of sale.
  • The title documents – these include the title plan and the title register for your property that are held by the Land Registry (the organisation that tracks property ownership in England and Wales) as well as a copy of the lease if the property is a leasehold.

The draft of the sale contract is very important here. While most contracts have many conditions of sale that are the same regardless of the particulars of the property being sold, the contract your solicitor drafts for your specific property may have some unique conditions.

This may require some careful planning on the part of your solicitor. They will then need to have their work reviewed by the buyer’s solicitor to ensure the buyer understands the precise terms before contracts can be exchanged.

3) Handle Buyer And Buyer Solicitor Questions

After the contract pack has been recovered and reviewed by the buyer and the buyer’s solicitor, you may find that one or both parties have questions. These often relate to the long and detailed property information forms and what they say about the condition of the property.

It will be your solicitor’s job to handle these questions. If they don’t know the answer, they will forward them to you and send your replies back to the buyer. This helps ensure there are no delays in the conveyancing process.

4) Receive Payment

Though it sounds simple, individual conveyancing processes often experience delays because money has not been requested and received on time.

It will be your solicitor’s job to receive the money for the sale of your property on your behalf and be ready to transfer it where you want it.

5) Pay Off Your Mortgage

One of the things you may need to do with the money that you receive for the sale of your old property is pay off the mortgage you took out to buy it. Your solicitor will handle this and may also ensure any other debts that were secured on your property are paid off too.

How to choose solicitors for selling a house near me

With the role of the house seller’s solicitor just as important as the buyer’s, it makes sense to choose which local firm to hire carefully. If in doubt, look for:

  1. Membership of The Law Society
  2. Ideally, accreditation by the Conveyancing Quality Scheme
  3. A great deal of specialist conveyancing experience
  4. Knowledge of the local area
  5. Good reviews and testimonials from previous clients or word-of-mouth recommendations

At Birch & Co, we have been providing all of the above to our clients in Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, throughout the North East, and nationally for over thirty years.

In that time, we have achieved a 99% client satisfaction rate and a 5-star Google rating.

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