Contesting A Will

Contesting A Will

Contesting a Will – Solicitors in Gosforth Serving Newcastle upon Tyne, The North East and Nationally

Contesting A Will Solicitors in Gosforth Serving Newcastle upon Tyne

The grief of losing a loved one can be made significantly worse at the shock of an unexpected financial discovery. Emotions often run high and the facts not entirely clear. The Thought of contesting a Will, Inheritance or a Probate dispute at such a time is the last thing you need.

The Personal Representatives (often known as Executors) or beneficiaries, might discover concerns about pre-death transactions involving the deceased’s affairs which have significantly reduced the Estate and need investigation. The beneficiaries might have concerns about the Personal Representatives or vice versa.

You might find gifts, transfer of property into joint names or into a third party’s name, and undervalue deals.  That can often lead to investigating if the deceased had capacity to do what they did at the time. Significant sums of money might have been taken from a deceased’s bank account.

There might be a problem with a Will. It might not have been drafted or witnessed correctly and might be invalid.  All of this leads to the risk of contesting a will.

There might not be a Will and the deceased’s widow or widower might then discover for the first time that not all the assets will belong to them. That is one of the main reasons we always advise on the need for everyone to make a Will.

All of the above can be complicated even further as it is becoming common for a deceased to have two or more family layers. This often arises after divorce and remarriage. The various members of the deceased’s family might feel aggrieved if they have been left out in favour of another family tier.

This can lead to disappointed beneficiaries to claim that they have not been properly provided for in the deceased’s Estate. Claims under the Inheritance Act are common.

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