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It’s easy to think that once you’ve made a will, you’re done with it. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. In fact, there are several reasons why it is important to carry out a Will review annually. It is just as important that a will is kept under review as it is creating one in the first place.

There might be new children, grandchildren, friends or relatives that enter or sadly leave the picture. You need to review the will to make sure it is worded to cover any changes in those who you want to benefit. Wills are generally written with such changes in mind but some events are quite unexpected.

Moving home, selling or buying investment properties can affect your intentions in the will.

If you come into money that will almost certainly require a will review. It’s also important to note that if you come into a large sum of money, you may want to consider the tax saving measures.

Weddings, living together or at the other ends of the scale, separations or divorce will affect the will. That applies if your circumstances have changed or if one of your beneficiaries has changed.

You might have had a change of mind. That will torment you until you do something about it.

Many people draft their wills when they are first married or when they are young. While it’s great to start planning at an early age, keep in mind that what seemed appealing when you were young may not work when you are older.

You might want to give a charitable gift.

Just as you need to service a car or household equipment annually, your will needs to same careful attention. It might only require a 10 minute conversation and you mind is then put to rest.

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A will does not go “out of date” and it remains a valid document until such time as it is revoked. A will can be revoked in the following ways:

  • the signing of a new will which includes a revocation clause. The cancellation of the old will takes place immediately upon the new will being signed and appropriately witnessed, meaning the terms of the new will then replace those of the old will
  • the original will document being purposefully destroyed by its maker so as to revoke it
  • entering into a marriage

Anyone contemplating these actions ought to be aware that this would leave you INTESTATE so it is advisable to have a new will created FIRST


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