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Heir Hunters

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Heir Hunters Solicitors in Gosforth Serving Newcastle upon Tyne

Have you been contacted to say you are due to receive an inheritance?  Are you concerned that it is too good to be true? Genealogy companies research family histories and prepare family trees, and they have come to prominence over the last few years following the showing on television of the Heir Hunters programme, which highlighted the issues that can arise by dying without leaving a will, meaning this sort of contact is completely legitimate and above board but it is vital that if you agree to take on the role of estate administrator that you obtain legal advice immediately to ensure security, not just for you but the estate and all other interested parties also.

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At Birch & Co we have Specialist Solicitors who understand how difficult talking about such matters can be. As a result you can be sure we will deal with you in a sensitive and friendly manner, all the while ensuring a professional and efficient service is given.

We are based in Gosforth with parking facilities as well as easy access to the Metro at Regent Centre and a bus stop outside the office although can act for family members located anywhere around the UK.  We strongly recommend that you contact us before you start the estate administration so that we can help guide you further.

We can save you a lot of money and stress.

We have a 5 star rating on Google for the quality of our service and 99% of our clients are completely satisfied and would recommend Birch & Co to others. Please read some of our current clients’ Testimonials below of what they think of us. We hope that you feel the same way once we have looked after you.

We would be happy to meet with you to discuss any estate administration queries you have and to act whether just in relation to the Inheritance Tax account, the Grant application or the full estate administration and distribution.

It is understood how difficult a time this can be so let us assist by taking on any administrative burdens for you and your family in a professional yet sensitive way.

“Rebecca Griffiths gave us a wonderful service, always there to advise us with either a telephone call or email. We were always made aware of what was happening. Thank you very much”

Birch & Co has, for some years now, been recommended to assist relatives who have been located by a local genealogy company called Kindred UK. The relative is in no way obligated to instruct us as they may have a solicitor of their own or they may even want to deal with the estate administration themselves – it is entirely their choice. We will never ask for any payment directly from relatives given that, if we are instructed, we will deduct our costs from the estate funds we collect in and prior to distribution taking place.

Most relatives sign agreements with genealogy companies because the genealogy company can provide the birth, death and marriage certificates required to show the relative’s link to the deceased, and therefore prove their right to inherit. The agreements with genealogy companies are usually for them to receive a percentage of the inheritance due to that relative, so if it turns out there is no inheritance for whatever reason, the genealogy company does not get paid. Again, you are in no way obligated to sign with any such organisation and, provided you can establish your connection with the deceased, you should still receive any inheritance that would be due to you.

“The news of the death of my aunt was a source of sadness. I had not seen her for a great many years yet I had boyhood memories of her and she was my last close relative.  I had no knowledge or experience of how to claim any legacy. My first reaction was to employ a local solicitor, rather than one some distance away. However I was contacted by Rebecca Griffiths whose professional and courteous manner allayed any doubt. She has been of great assistance throughout the process and her regular updates were much appreciated”

We are happy to provide you with a free, no obligation quotation for our Probate services.

We charge a fixed fee for all of our Probate services but the initial enquiry to discover what the cost will be for your sale or purchase is free of charge.

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