Making a Will

Making a Will

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Making a Will is daunting. However, it’s one of the most important documents you can make. We understand this is not what you want to talk about. You could draft your own Will, but simple mistakes often unravel best intentions. Therefore, it’s sensible to prepare a Will professionally through a Will writing specialist.

Above all, and to avoid future misinterpretation, it’s essential a Will clearly expresses your intentions.

At Birch & Co, Specialist Solicitors approach these matters in a sensitive and friendly manner. We ensure a professional and efficient Will writing service.

We have a 5 star rating on Google for the quality of our service with 99% of our clients completely satisfied and would recommend Birch & Co to others. For instance, read some of our clients’ Testimonials below of what they think of us. Once we help you, we hope you’ll feel the same way.


“Outstanding. I was impressed with the whole team at Birch & Co, from my initial phone call through to the completion of my documents. A truly professional company”

“Rebecca, who did the wills for us, explained everything in great detail, listened to what we wanted and advised us. She came up with things were had not even considered and was able to deal with a sensitive issue in a way that has ensured our wishes should be met without any upset being caused. Thank you for a professional job carried out in a personal manner. Excellent”

What You Need to Do

Based in Gosforth, with parking facilities, we can save you a lot of money and stress and make a Will that suits your needs.


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What We Do

We usually spend around 1 hour at an initial appointment, either in a meeting, telephone or online video call. We discuss the following issues, which need to be considered whenever a Will is made or updated:

  • WHAT ASSETS DO YOU OWN? In other words, this includes property/investments held in your sole name and any interests you own together with others
  • What DEBTS DO YOU HAVE? For instance, this helps you focus on what you have available for people to inherit. We check if there are any inheritance tax issues
  • WHO DO YOU WANT TO BENEFIT? You need to identify who will benefit from your Will.
  • WHAT DO YOU GIVE? For example, this may be a specific gift, such as a home, an item of jewellery or family heirloom, or cash
  • WHO DO YOU WANT TO DEAL WITH YOUR ESTATE ? This person is called an Executor. In other words, they collect in all assets. Therefore, they also pay all the debts, address tax issues, and ultimately distribute to your chosen beneficiaries
  • if you have MINOR CHILDREN, who do you want to look after them? GUARDIANS have the day to day care of the children.
  • If you have children or need a form of trust in to your Will, who will want to appoint as your TRUSTEES ?

Work undertaken complies with the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners’ Code for Will Preparation. View a copy of the Code online or please let us know if you would like a printed copy.

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