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Commercial Solicitors in Gosforth Serving Newcastle upon Tyne

We understand the anxiety associated with a commercial dispute whether you are a small business or a large company. You may be uncertain of your position or outcome. When things go wrong in business or professional relationships, losses and risks can quickly escalate out of control.

We will listen carefully to your problem and then guide you to take the right decisions so that we can resolve the problem for good and let you get back to your life and business. It is important that we build an early rapport with you so that we can help you set realistic goals, how best to achieve them and close the matter while you’re still ahead. That includes whether to start litigation in the first place, knowing when to end it, whether by settlement or throwing everything at a trial.

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Litigation is not always the best way of resolving the problem. It can be expensive and there can be frustrating delays. We are currently faced with a Court system that thinks taking a month to respond to a letter or email is acceptable.

We will consider Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) including Arbitration and Mediation. Most mediators will advise that a good settlement is one that neither side likes but both sides can live with. Others say that clients settle for what they need rather than what they want.

By listening to you carefully we will help establish the best range of realistic options for you to resolve the problem. Getting you and your opponent to one of these balancing points is difficult, but can be worth it if a better outcome is available than asking the judge who wins.

Gathering information from you and seeking out other information that you do not have is key to a good outcome. It is also equally important to bear in mind that it is often impossible to make decision based on obtaining full information. In such a case we will help you choose a good decision making strategy that is consistent with your goals and budget, so that you can make prompt decisions.

We know that getting a good result is only part of what you expect from a solicitor. You need to be kept informed about developments and be part of shaping events well before they occur.

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