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The loss of a loved one is likely to be hard to deal with emotionally but there are also the practical steps that need to be taken after a death has occurred that need to be considered before seeking Probate.

*Executors and Administrators must be aware that they face PERSONAL LIABILITY if the estate is not administered properly *

For example, they would have to personally pay any debts that remain unpaid after distribution or any beneficiary who does not receive the share of the estate that they are entitled to.

Ignorance of the debt or of the beneficiary’s existence is no defence and there is an expectation that an estate administration will be conducted with due diligence

It is therefore vital that if you are assigned either of these roles that you obtain legal advice immediately to ensure security, not just for you but the estate and all other interested parties also.


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When someone dies, it needs to be established who has the right to administer the estate which essentially means to deal with the deceased’s property, money and possessions.

It not only needs to be determined what the deceased owned but also what they owed.

It is necessary to utilise the estate funds to pay off all debts and liabilities BEFORE anyone can inherit from the estate.

Most cases follow the same basic process:

Check if there’s a will

If there is, this normally appoints an Executor to take on the task of estate administration.

If there is no will, the intestacy rules provides a list of people in priority order for who may take on this role of Administrator.

List what the estate consists of, both in terms assets and liabilities

It is important to assess early on if there are enough funds in the estate to settle the debts. Solely incurred debts cannot be inherited, so if there are insufficient funds, no one else can be expected to pay them.

Depending on the type of asset held by the deceased and its value, it may be necessary to apply for a Grant of Representation in order to collect in estate funds.

If there is a will, the Grant you will obtain is called Probate BOTH DOCUMENTS ARE ISSUED BY A COURT CALLED THE PROBATE REGISTRY
If not, the Grant you will obtain is called Letters of Administration


To apply for a Grant of Representation, you will need:

  • the original will, if one was left by the deceased
  • a tax return, irrespective of whether inheritance tax is due to be paid
  • This is usually either an IHT 205 or IHT 400, with any applicable schedules
  • if tax is due to be paid, a receipt from HMRC
  • an oath, that you have sworn as being accurate
  • to pay the court application fee

Collect in the assets

For example, arrange the release of funds held within bank and building society accounts, life insurance and private pension policies, sell personal and household items and property.

Pay any debts and liabilities

For example personal loans and credit cards, utility bills unpaid at the date of death and incurred during the course of the estate administration, funeral costs and the expenses of the estate administration.

Distribute the estate

In accordance with the terms of any will or the intestacy rules.


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