Conveyancing Solicitors In Newcastle Upon Tyne

Conveyancing Solicitors In Newcastle Upon Tyne

Is It Better To Use Local Conveyancing Solicitors In Newcastle Upon Tyne?

Conveyancing Solicitors In Newcastle Upon TyneUsing local conveyancing solicitors in Newcastle Upon Tyne – or wherever in the North East or the UK you happen to be in general – is usually considered to be a slightly better option than using a large, monolithic organisation.

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But why is this? In this article, we will take a deeper look:

What Do Conveyancing Solicitors Do?

It is worth quickly going over the responsibilities your conveyancing solicitor has during the house buying or selling process. These include:

1) Carrying Out Property Searches

The responsibility of the buyer’s solicitor, property searches are required if you want to know everything about the property you are buying. This may include:

  • Local authority searches (such as planning permission for new nearby developments)
  • Environmental searches (such as mining work previously conducted nearby)
  • Utility company searches (checking the property is connected to mains water)

2) Create And Review Contracts And Documents

The seller’s solicitor will need to make sure the seller fills in the property condition forms and then draft the contract of sale. These will then be packaged along with the title deeds and other documentation as part of the “contract pack” that is sent to the buyer’s solicitor.

The buyer’s solicitor will need to review these documents and make sure the buyer’s rights are protected. They will ensure any questions that the buyer has about the property’s condition are answered by the seller and that everything is safe and ready for contracts to be exchanged.

3) Handling All Money Transfers

A major hurdle for many conveyancing processes is the timely request and receipt of money transfers.

For example, if the seller does not receive the buyer’s payment on the now-usual day before completion, the buyer cannot technically step foot in the property. This can lead to a lot of awkward and stressful waiting around.

Mortgage lenders also frequently require coordination with each other and their clients to make sure all financial transactions can go ahead smoothly.

4) Provide Guidance On Stamp Duty And Other Fees

If you have not bought a house before, it can be easy to overlook the added costs of doing so. One of the key additional costs is the Stamp Duty Land Tax that is payable on UK property transactions.

As the buyer, your solicitor will ensure you pay the correct Stamp Duty when needed and that you are fulfilling all other legal obligations.

5) Provide legal representation

Buying or selling a property is not always simple. There is also a great deal of money at risk.

Another key aspect of the support that fully qualified conveyancing solicitors can provide is the kind of representation and advice you might need in the event of any legal confusion or dispute.

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Is It Worth Using Local Conveyancing Lawyers?

1) Local Knowledge Saves You Time And Money

When it comes to using local conveyancing solicitors, Newcastle Upon Tyne residents benefit just as much as those in other parts of the UK. You only need to look at the key duties of this kind of legal specialist listed above to see why this might be the case.

The key reason is their familiarity with the local property market. Local solicitors will know the key issues that should be investigated in the local area, such as regions where mining activity used to be common.

They will also be aware of much smaller issues to be alert for that can end up saving you a great deal of time and money. As a potential home buyer, this is especially true when you get solicitors involved in the conveyancing process early on – before you even start looking at properties.

2) Local Contacts

When you buy a house, you tend to need several different professionals. These might include:

  • Surveyors
  • Financial advisors
  • Structural engineers
  • Estate agents

In many cases, you will likely need to go through the same process as looking for a reliable conveyancing solicitor – looking online, asking for recommendations, and so on.

A local solicitor may well have contacts among reputable local experts they can put you in touch with. For instance, at Birch & Co, we regularly put our clients in touch with what we call our “bank of experts”. These are people we have worked with before and know do good, trustworthy work.

Plus, we coordinate them all so your conveyancing process runs nice and smoothly.

3) Personal Contact

Another advantage of going with local solicitors rather than a big faceless firm is that you get the personal touch. You will not be passed around from department to assistant before you can simply speak to someone who knows about your case.

With a larger firm, that person may be a paralegal or someone else who isn’t a fully qualified lawyer. This is the way most larger firms work in order to save more expensive staff time.

In a more focused, smaller firm, you are more likely to have your case overseen by a single fully qualified solicitor who you can always speak with.

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