Conveyancing Solicitors Near Me

Conveyancing Solicitors Near Me

Finding The Right Conveyancing Solicitors Near Me?

Conveyancing Solicitors Near MeHow do you find a local conveyancer when you’re buying or selling your home? The fact that “conveyancing solicitors near me” is one of the most popular internet searches in this field suggests that it is a highly searched term.

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There are certain advantages of using a local conveyancing solicitor when you’re buying or selling property. Here is why many people continue to prefer to use them over national firms or online conveyancing options:

The Advantages Of Opting For “Conveyancing Solicitors Near Me”

1) Local Solicitors Know The Area And The Costs

One of the most important parts of a solicitor’s job when helping someone buy or sell a home is to conduct all of the relevant property searches.

These ensure the property is in the condition it is stated to be in and there are no issues that may trip up the new owner.

The key word here is “relevant”. Because not all types of property searches are applicable in all areas. For instance, every property should have a range of environmental checks done.

But not every region needs to have a mining search (checking the area for previous mining activity).

To the outside eye, unfamiliar with the local area, it is not always apparent whether these kinds of searches are necessary. You can find yourself paying for unnecessary searches.

More importantly, some searches can be missed that are a very good idea – or even required in certain areas.

A solicitor based in your local area will know what these are and be able to give you an accurate idea of the costs too.

They will also know the Local Authority and other local as well as national bodies and how to deal with them.

2) You Can Meet Your Solicitor In Person

One of the key advantages to choosing a “solicitor near me” for conveyancing is that you can physically go into their office if and when you need to. This is good for several reasons:

  1. Chase them up – we’d like to say we don’t have much experience of this at Birch & Co (99% of our clients were fully satisfied with our service and would recommend us to a friend, after all), but knowing you can chase up your conveyancer is good for your peace of mind.
  2. Complete anti-fraud checks –anti-money laundering law continues to expand to meet the need to combat increasingly sophisticated fraudsters. Part of the conveyancing process is proving your identity. This is much more easily done in person.
  3. Deliver documents in person – there is occasionally a need to ensure key documents get to your solicitor within a certain timeframe. Rather than trusting the post, with a local firm you can simply pop the documents into their office and know they’ve been received.

3) Enjoy Personalised Service

Being able to go into your local solicitor’s office in person is good for another reason too – the service you get is likely to be much more personal to you.

This sounds a little vague, but picture the scene:

Huge multinational or online-only conveyancing options may serve thousands of clients every year with many different people handling your conveyancing transaction. The process becomes faceless. When you want to speak with someone about your particular conveyancing process, how well-informed are they likely to be?

Furthermore, how likely is it you will be able to speak with the same person about your case twice in a row when they’re juggling a dozen other conveyancing matters?

Local conveyancing solicitors tend to rely on customer satisfaction and word of mouth more than the bigger nationwide organisations. It doesn’t guarantee they’re better. It does mean you tend to matter more to them.

Using A Local Conveyancing Solicitor

If you use a conveyancing solicitor local to you, they’re likely to be able to offer better advice and clearer quotes on what is required as part of the conveyancing process locally than a firm based elsewhere.

On top of this, the fact they are often effectively just down the road has numerous advantages. You can hand-deliver documents for safety and will find it much easier to complete anti-fraud checks, for example.

There’s also the fact that a local firm will devote more time to your house sale or purchase and usually have a single qualified person working on it (rather than a paralegal). This makes it easier to get updates and find out exactly what’s going on – rather than being constantly passed around.

Reach out to a solicitor near you today. Birch & Co is local to Gosforth, Newcastle, and accredited by The Law Society’s Quality Conveyancing Scheme in addition to being awarded a 5-star Google rating by our past clients.

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