Solicitor For Conveyancing

Solicitor For Conveyancing

Using A Solicitor For Conveyancing – How Does It Work?

Solicitor For ConveyancingWhat does this a conveyancing solicitor do for you? How does conveyancing work? What is involved? How long does it take?

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In this article we look at all aspects of using a solicitor for conveyancing.

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Let’s take a look at a few important details that will help you understand how your solicitor helps you get through the sometimes long and complex conveyancing process.

What Does A Conveyancing Solicitor Do?

For a specialist solicitor, conveyancing is about more than just “doing the paperwork” of a change of property ownership. The specific tasks involved will depend on whether you are buying or selling a property, but tend to feature things like:

  • Investigating contract details (or potentially helping draw up a contract)
  • Organising the key property searches that confirm a property’s condition for you
  • Transferring the funds and title deeds between properties
  • Organising completion dates and liaising with the buyer/ seller’s solicitors
  • Working out legal and tax issues like whether you need to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax

The First Stages Of Conveyancing

If You Are The Seller

Your solicitor will need the title deeds of the property in order to get to work. Your property deeds can be held by:

  • Yourself or your solicitor (if you own the property in totality)
  • Your mortgage lender (if you still have a mortgage)

After requesting the deeds, your conveyancer will create and have you check the property information form. This outlines what the property is, its limits and condition, and forms the basis for what will be included in the first draft of the contract

Finally, part of your solicitor’s initial role is to establish links with the buyer’s solicitor and field any questions that they or the buyer might have about the property. They might have to get in touch with you to get an answer on this. It’s important to respond as quickly as you can.

As A Buyer

As the buyer, it is your conveyancer’s job to carry out all of the vital property searches. These are enquiries made to various official bodies that hold information about the property.

These can vary by area, but are likely to include:

  • Local Authority checks (Is it a listed building? Are there any relevant local planning or road building decisions you should know about?)
  • Environmental checks (What are local pollution levels like? Was there any previous mining activity nearby?)
  • Checks with utility companies (Where are the water and sewer mains located?)

These checks ensure you know exactly what you are receiving when you buy a property.

Your conveyancer will also work with your mortgage lender and create a draft contract for you detailing things like the Conditions and Particulars of Sale and the completion date (which they will need to arrange with the seller’s solicitor).

How Long Does Conveyancing Take?

You might expect the conveyancing process to take anywhere from 12 weeks to 6 months.

If your property chain is a shorter one, this process might be shorter. The speed with which survey results arrive can also affect the timeframe.

How Do Conveyancing Fees Work?

Conveyancing solicitors charge for their services in a number of ways. The most common are fixed fees or hourly rates, but some also charge a percentage of the price of the property.

Always ask for a free quote before you commit yourself to using a conveyancer. Make sure the quote you get includes things like:

  • A cost breakdown that includes VAT
  • Any disbursements (like the cost of property searches)
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax, if applicable
  • Bank transfer charges
  • What they charge for additional work if any is needed

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