Conveyancing Solicitors Newcastle

Conveyancing Solicitors Newcastle

Choosing Between Conveyancing Solicitors Newcastle

Conveyancing Solicitors NewcastleBuying or selling a house puts a lot of money on the table. You need to be able to rely on the professionals you use to complete the process. This makes being able to choose between conveyancing solicitors in Newcastle – or wherever you happen to be based – vital.

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“Excellent service. Friendly and helpful. Despite conveyancing being much more complicated than anticipated they stuck to their original price. Would definitely recommend”(PB).

Here is everything you need to know about the basics of what conveyancing is and how you might go about selecting the solicitors you choose to take care of yours for you:

What Is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the name of the legal process that transfers the ownership of property between people.

The conveyancing process incorporates a huge range of legal, financial, and administrative tasks. These include everything the law requires to make transferring ownership of a major asset like a property as safe and secure as possible.

This process starts as soon as an offer is accepted on a property and lasts until the contracts have been signed and money transferred from buyer to seller. On your conveyancer’s part, it can include things like:

  • Checking your contract to make sure all details are clear and legally as expected
  • Confirming the property boundaries and other important elements that may not be obvious
  • Running searches with local authorities to explore any potential planning permission issues
  • Liaising with utility companies to confirm sewer and water connections or flood risks
  • Making sure your mortgage lender gets the correct details and has their queries handled

Conveyancers also handle the financial side of your property sale or purchase. This might include ensuring you pay the correct fees (such as stamp duty) and handling the final transfer of funds.

“Excellent service, Michael went above and beyond dealing with our house move. Can’t recommend them enough” (AG)

How Do I Choose Between Conveyancing Solicitors In Newcastle?

Like many parts of the UK, especially major cities, when you need conveyancing in Newcastle you will find you have a large number of options. So, how do you choose between them?

1) Understand Why You Need A Conveyancing Solicitor

Most people don’t come into contact with conveyancing more than a couple of times in their lives. This makes it easy to overlook little nuances in the system.

The first is that, while it is technically legal to handle the conveyancing of a property yourself, you won’t find any mortgage lenders who will actually lend to you if you do. This is because there is a great deal of money on the line and lenders like making sure their interests are safe.

For most people, this means using a conveyancer whenever they buy or sell a house. But this is mildly complicated by the fact that there are actually several different types of professionals who can handle conveyancing for you.

A conveyancing solicitor is usually the better choice. This is because they are professionally qualified to handle all aspects of property law and give you a little more peace of mind on top of the specific conveyancing expertise (which is all a licensed conveyancer is able to provide).

It is also worth bearing in mind that your mortgage lender may have a list of conveyancers they work with and only lend to you if you use one of their preferred names.

2) Get A Clear Quote Upfront

Conveyancing costs vary a great deal. Some firms link their fees to the size of the property itself. Others may vary theirs depending on whether you are buying or selling, as well as many other factors.

The best will provide a fixed cost that should be made very clear to you upfront. You should make sure you are clear as to whether the quoted cost includes things like Land Registry fees or communication costs.

At Birch & Co, for instance, we always make sure you can get a FREE bespoke fixed price estimate with no obligation before you agree to use us. We also guarantee no hidden costs at any point.

3) Check Reviews And Testimonials

If you don’t know anyone who has used a particular conveyancing service before, it’s always worth checking the reviews and testimonials you find online.

For example, at Birch & Co, we’re very proud of our five-star Google review rating and the fact that 99% of our clients say they’d recommend us to a friend.

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“Have just used Birch & Co for a house purchase and sale after using them a few years ago for my divorce, they are great, they are very professional at the same time as being welcoming and friendly putting you completely at ease as soon as you walk through the door, If you’re lucky you may even get cuddles from Murphy the dog. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone looking for a solicitors in the area.” (JA)

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