Why make a Will?

Why make a Will?

It is a sensible and responsible way to ensure your money, property and possessions (your estate) pass to whom YOU choose.

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Recent research suggests just one third of the population has a Will, possibly because they think that their nearest and dearest will inherit but did you know that:

  • Spouses / civil partners might not inherit all of your estate as they are legally only entitled to a certain amount
  • There is no such thing as a common law spouse so cohabitants are not legally entitled to anything from your estate
  • Stepchildren are not legally entitled to anything from your estate
  • Family members are legally entitled to a share of your estate even if you have been estranged for years

Although it can be relatively straightforward to make a simple Will, the document must be clear and properly completed to be effective.

For peace of mind, you should obtain specialist advice in relation as to what you can achieve in your Will. We can help you make these difficult decisions in order to assist those who will have to deal with your estate.

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