Where is Your Will?

Where is Your Will?

Does your family know where your Will is?  Come to think of it, do YOU know where your Will is?

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Last year saw the collapse of The Will Writing Company, the Family Trust Corporation and Universal Wealth Preservation who offered Will writing and other private client services, such as Declarations of Trust and Enduring and Lasting Powers of Attorney, often at the recommendation of large banking organisations. When an organisation ceases to trade, it can be very difficult to establish exactly where your important documents may then be stored.

You can also misplace a Will or worse still it can go missing, but not always by accident. We are currently investigating the whereabouts of missing Wills on behalf of the families left behind. It’s already a very difficult time for them. If you are not sure where your original Will is, we recommend that you make a new one without delay.  A copy of a Will might be accepted in lieu of a missing original following a death but it is an additional administrative hurdle to be overcome at what is likely to already be a difficult time for your family.

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